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Morgan County Marriage Licenses

Matthew Jeffrey Clemons, 12-23-1992, of Eads, Tenn. to Carol Anne Matthews, 01-29-1993, of Decatur.

Robert Patrick Hallisey, 12-27-1961, of Somerville to Wanda Michelle Bodley, 05-11-1967, of Somerville.

Christopher James Holt, 04-30-1996, of Pasadena, Texas, to Anna Ruth Dean, 03-12-1996, of Huntsville.

Shelby OBryan Miles, 05-18-1986, of Decatur to Heather Danielle Jackson, 02-23-1989, of Decatur.

Irving Jaffet Hernandez, 04-30-1995, of Decatur to Kelsey Marie Gaietto, 04-18-1993, of Decatur.

Blake William Towe, 12-18-1992, of Florence to Joanne Elizabeth Davenport, 01-20-1993, of Florence.

John Murray Hartsfield, 09-01-1970, of Decatur to Ariel Shinon Vinson, 09-28-1989, of Decatur.

Travis Eric Clarkson, 08-14-1991, of Decatur to Kelly Leah Jenkins, 05-14-1992, of Decatur.

Willie Ed Harris, 09-12-1973, of Decatur to Yolanda Evon Matthews, 01-11-1976, of Decatur.

Elvin Jermaine Jones, 12-01-1987, of Decatur to Melissa Lynn Davis, 10-20-1976, of Decatur.

Jon Tyler Kilgro, 07-03-1991, of Decatur to Mallory Brooke Hemrick, 10-21-1991, of Decatur.

Ignacio Flores Roman, 10-17-1972, of Decatur to Maria Del Carmen Ramirez, 07-17-1976, of Decatur.