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Local religious blogger releases book

Andrea Williamson

Hartselle Enquirer

A local author launched her recently released book on Sat., June 27, at Zoey’s Downtown in Hartselle.

Lisa Worthey Smith, a native of Decatur who moved to Hartselle 20 years ago, wrote Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird and Other Tales From Life in My Father’s World about the lessons that God showed her through nature. Smith’s writing experience began when she adopted Oscar, a hummingbird with life-threatening injuries, in 2008. Although Oscar recovered, he lost the use of one his wings.

Smith received a wildlife rehabilitation license in order to care for Oscar. As she handled the bird, she began to observe Biblical lessons through his life and through other parts of nature, such as flowers in her garden and the goldfish in her pond. Smith discussed one such story that is included in her book.

“Oscar liked to ride on my finger and go outside and had a hard time realizing that he didn’t get to go out every single time I passed by,” Smith said. “When he wanted to go outside and play but didn’t get to, he would throw a hummingbird tantrum, stomping his little feet. When Oscar first pitched his little fits over not getting to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do them, I got a glimpse of how God must see my attempts to demand my way instead of trusting Him.”

The lessons Smith gained became personal for her. She began facing health issues of her own, and she said God used to teach her about depending on Him.

In order to share her stories, Smith began a blog in 2014 and then released her book earlier this month. Both have been successful. The blog has received over 30,000 hits from the United States, Russia, and other countries, including some with restrictions on Christian materials. Her book has also been named as number 21 on the list of newly released inspirational books on Amazon. In addition to garnering popularity, the book has been praised by several ministers, including East Highland Baptist Church minister Walter Blackman.

“Lisa is an outstanding student of the Bible and seeks to share her lessons with others,” Blackman said. “She records powerful lessons learned from ordinary events in the life of God’s creation, lessons that illustrate Biblical truths and teach us of God’s care for even the sparrow that falls to the ground.”

Despite all of the praise, though, Smith’s purpose for writing was not for her own ego. In contrast, Smith saw her book as an opportunity to share what she had learned about Christ with others.

“If He can use a tiny hummingbird, what excuse could I possibly offer to not share?” Smith said. “I am so thankful to be able to share these little stories with people who may never have heard about God, but were interested in a bird or insect and read the story.”

For those interested in Smith’s book, the first chapter is available free of charge on her blog, The book can be purchased on Amazon’s website, Barnes and Noble’s website or at Zoey’s Downtown.

Smith is a graduate of Columbia Southern University with a degree in business administration. She and her husband attend East Highland Baptist Church, where she is a Bible study leader.

Lisa Worley Smith, seated, signs a copy of her book “Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird and Other Tales from Life in my Father’s World.”| Andrea Williamson
Lisa Worley Smith, seated, signs a copy of her book “Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird and Other Tales from Life in my Father’s World.”| Andrea Williamson