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Morgan County Marriage Licenses

•Alvin Thomas Brown, 12-01-1988, of Decatur to Crystal Annettee Miller, 07-20-1984, of Decatur

•David Alan Woodason, 09-26-1990, of Montgomery to Emily Elizabeth Irwin, 11-10-1992, of Decatur

•William Harol Vandiver, 12-21-1966, of Decatur to Lara M Kent, 05-02-1968, of Huntsville

• Matthew Stevenson Stewart, 06-04-1991, of Decatur to Casey Lanier Monroe, 10-25-1993, of Decatur

•Michael Glenn Holiday, 03-28-1986, of Decatur to Melanie Ray Dickerson, 03-29-1988, of Athens

• Stanley Oneal Legg, 06-15-1971, of Falkville to Tracy Ann Quintavalle, 11-25-1969, of Hartselle

• Catlin Michael Gentry, 11-22-1989, of Mount Juliet, Tenn. to Kirsten Lynn Bernhard, 09-30-1993, of Mount Juliet, Tenn.

•Zachery Houston Brady, 09-07-1992, of Decatur to Jessica Suzanne Colburn, 10-28-1983, of Decatur

•Charles Alan Parker, 10-20-1978, of Decatur to Megan Gisele Ohsner, 01-14-1992, of Decatur

•Ty Colton Murphy, 07-16-1991, of Hartselle to Courtney Taylor Thompson, 07-02-1993, of Falkville

•Clifford Walling, 11-04-1942, of Valhermoso Springs to Marcella Freeman, 02-17-1946, of Valhermoso Springs

•Alex Ryan McCay, 08-29-1990, of Huntsville to Katie Elizabeth Doss, 06-13-1992, of Huntsville

•James Carl Bergum, 05-22-1946, of Falkville to Debra Lea Neill, 12-16-1951, of Falkville

• Chadwick Pence Henderson, 06-11-1979, of Decatur to Wendy McBride Brightman, 03-14-1978, of Decatur

•David James Williams, 09-19-1974, of Decatur to Kelly Hicks, 10-30-1976, of Decatur

•Gary Alan Parcus, 07-01-1960, of Decatur to Elizabeth Harris Anderson, 01-30-1964, of Decatur

•Josafat Cazares, 06-24-1973, of Decatur to Rosa Maria Romero Tello, 07-01-1975, of Decatur

•Brian Matthew Mills, 05-31-1982, of Hartselle to Veronica Maire Simokat, 06-25-1984, of Hartselle

•Matthew Ross Clark, 11-13-1984, of Moulton to Kelsey Leigh-Ann Page, 08-06-1992, of Decatur