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Continuing the saga

I don’t ever remember a time that I went to the movies twice to see the same movie unless I was specifically invited by two groups.

That was until I went to see Jurassic World twice in one weekend.

I have been a Jurassic Park fanatic since I was young. Even though I have never been a “scary movie” fan, I have always loved the thrill, science and excitement of the late Michael Crichton’s classics.

I have been pleasantly surprised by his other works as well. They have the same sci-fi feel as Jurassic Park,with each plot feeling like the next advancement that today’s science might make. My favorite part of his sci-fi is how plausible it feels.

Crichton doesn’t jump into unlikely or other-worldly fictional science. His plots seem like something that’s not far off from today’s experiments and technology.

The Jurassic Park saga is the only movie version of his writings that I’ve seen, so I don’t know how his other books translate to the big screen, but I have been a huge fan of his dinosaur adventures. They are definitely some of my favorite movies.

Since I knew that Jurassic World, like Jurassic Park III, was not written by Crichton, I didn’t have the highest hopes for it. I anticipated its release just the same, feeling excited that one of Crichton’s original works was going to live on 25 years after its initial release.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Jurassic World. I enjoyed the new park and thought the writers and directors did a good job of incorporating the old into something new.

After seeing it with my father soon after its release, I left the theater and immediately told my husband he had to see it with me again. We went the next day.

Like my dad said, I would go see a Jurassic Park 14 whenever they made it just to see dinosaurs in action. I love the idea behind Jurassic Park and the science that makes you stop and think about life’s possibilities.

The new movie definitely made me want to find my copy of Jurassic Park the novel again.

Joy Haynes is a staff writer for the Hartselle Enquirer.