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Morgan County Marriage Licenses

•Charles Brandon Canady, 01-17-1985, of Somerville to Susan Rebecca Cooper, 11-19-1982, of Somerville

•William Ben Roberts, 01-27-1990, of Decatur to Sarah Jayne Doran, 05-10-1992, of Decatur

•Matthew Thomas Lindsey, 10-29-1988, of Decatur to Sarah Katelyn Free, 06-22-1991, of Decatur

•Kevin James Dickey, 06-26-1975 of Decatur to Tanya Gail Keenum, 09-06-1980, of Decatur

•Tyricka Lavone Calloway, 09-07-1975, of Decatur to Rosanna Lanwer, 01-23-1962, of Huntsville

•Willis Wayne Blevins, 09-11-1961, of Hartselle Lynda Marcella Sapp, 05-08-1967, of Moulton

•Patrick Bernard Wilson, 10-26-1992, of Decatur to Denisha Nicole Smith, 02-08-1994, of Decatur

•David Ryan Frederick, 12-26-1995, of Hanceville to Morgan Nicole Parker, 12-16-1994, of Hanceville

•Stuart Ray Clark, 02-01-1986, of Decatur to Jessica Marie Elliott, 02-02-1986, of Decatur

•Timothy Daniel Holloway, 04-13-1988, of Hartselle to Crystal Leigh Still, 11-19-1987, of Decatur

•Ethan Taylor West, 03-10-1992, of Cordova, Tenn., to Chandler Elise Reed, 04-17-1993, of Knoxville, Tenn.

•Michael Anthony Powell, 6-25-1959, of Huntsville to Nora Diane Powell, 05-06-1950, of Huntsville

•Rodney Llewellyn Childs, 10-10-1988, of Eva, to Faulyn Skye Cagle, 12-28-1981, of Trinity

•Lee Jordan Traughber, 03-01-1986, of Somerville to Valerie Pearl Dowdy, 03-01-1990, of Somerville

•Joseph Aaron Langley, 06-06-1980, of Decatur to Jessica Lynn Sylvis, 11-24-1979, of Decatur.

Ferranto Alfredo, 05/17/1937, of Cincinnati, Ohio to Estelle Elizabeth Cooper, 02-26-1946, of Cincinnati, Ohio.

•Ryan Andrew Host, 09-11-1992, of Hartselle to Lacey Beth James, 10-10-1993, of Hartselle.

•Joel Ross Coulter, 03-13-1992, of Hartselle to Jaden Lee Stewart, 10-12-1994, of Hartselle.

•Jared Spencer Tanner, 12-12-1985 of Danville to Kimberley Brooke Lindsey, 07-03-1991, of Danville.

• Jesse Elden Scroggin, 09-03-1985, of Hartselle to Abigail Nicole Phillips, 01-23-1982, of Hartselle.

• Redus Mathew Tittle, 11-15-1991, of Decatur to Courtney Nicole Campbell, 12-09-1991, of Decatur

•Logan David Lee Manthey, 1-30-1989, of Decatur to Penny Elizabeth Pope, 12-27-1989, of Decatur.

•Jason Elbert Puckett, 03-27-1980, of Valhermoso to Jennifer Diane Little, 08-10-1980, of Huntsville.

•John Mark Nave, 02-22-1981, of Decatur to Laura Michelle Stadnek, 08-11-1984, of Decatur.

•Spencer Daniel Collis, -05-10-1988, of Decatur to Caitlin Ashton Smith, 03-20-1991, of Decatur.

•Cody Heath McCormick, 04-18-1991, of Danville to Courtney Anne Terry, 11-05-1987, of Trinity.

•Kendall Rashaid Rucker, 08-25-1995, to Aysha Monique Mitchell, 02-18-1994.

•Jessie David Key, 07-15-1990, of Danville to Katie Lynne Ray, 08-16-1989, of Decatur.

•Justin Tyler Poole, 08-21-1990, of Trinity to Megan Deanna Smith, 05-28-1991, of Trinity.