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Aquatic Center repairs complete

Everything on the list of repairs during the off-season has been taking care of at the Hartselle Aquatic Center, according to Park and Recreation Director Frank Miller.

“All the problems we were experiencing have been handled,” Miller said. “During the off-season, they cut everything out and redid all the problem areas nicely.”

The biggest projects were the large cracks in the bottom of the pool and the brittle expansion joints on the deck, which were completed earlier in May.

New material for the expansion joints had to be found to replace the broken joints. After experimenting with a few materials, a suitable material with the right amount of flexibility was chosen and installed.

Miller said the only issues that have arisen since the repairs are a number of slight cracks in the concrete in the three-foot area near the slides.

“These small cracks have shown up, but we have been assured they are not a structural problem,” Miller said. “They are only noticeable because dirt gets caught in them, but they are not a problem, and they will be fixed.”

Miller said the pool pass sales have been in line with recent years, despite the construction.

“We think this is going to be a good season,” Miller said. “We are hoping for a beautiful 90-degree sunny day for the pool’s opening. We’ve been double-checking everything and are ready for this season.”