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2014 Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like a blue dragon. I would also like an angel that flies in the sky (it needs to have batteries). Please bring my baby brother some diapers. I will leave your reindeer some grapes.

Love, Bella Eubanks, 4

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like a rainbow horse that walks, a rocket ship that flies real high, a snowman that skates on ice, and a dragon that flies high into the clouds. Please bring my baby brother some superhero toys. We will leave you some Diet Mountain Dew and cake.

Love, Bree Eubanks, 4

Dear Santa,


What I want For Christ Mas is an I-Phone 5S, the book of world records 2015, and a Composition book

Jonathan Woodard, 10

Dear Santa,

my brother IZaac want’s a big truck

Izaac Garber, age 2

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the toys you brought me last year. I have been a very good boy, minding my mommy and daddy. I would like a Ninja Turtle House and a Ninja Turtle toy balloon. Also, a real bubble that you can get in.

Please bring some Leap Frog games, a Scooby Doo movie, and some surprises. I have three new baby sisters coming soon and they will need some baby toys. I love you Santa.

Also, please bring my mommy and daddy something nice.

Charlie Sparkman

BBES Kindergarten

Dear Santa,

I Want A Zoomer and Orbeez Spa. I Want a bitty baby.

thank you,

Baylie Singleton

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year and I am very excited about Christmas. On Christmas eve I get to see all my cousins and maw maw and paw paw. That night we will bake cookies for you and get to bed as fast as we can. My bubba is soooo cute and has been a good boy, also, I can’t wait to celebrate Jesus birthday and open presents with bubba. I would like everything of course, but most of all I want a doll house, Frozen bicycle, elf on the shelf, new tennis shoes, Elsa doll, makeup set, rocking chair, Elsa crown, Mermaid suit, and books. My bubba would like blocks, play grill, and mickey mouse table. Oh and I want a Minnie Mouse table.

love always, Audriena Key

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. Can you bring me a Cinderella Palace Pets Pumpkin dog? I would also like to have a Tummy Stuffer, an Elsa Styling Head, a Barbie Washer and dryer set, a Barbie from Barbie and the Secret Door, the Frozen Elsa Wand and the Anna and Elsa ice skating dolls. I would also like some lip gloss, jewelry, and lots of candy please. I will be sure to leave you some milk and cookies and also some carrots for your reindeer. I promise to continue to be a very good girl.

Love, Taylor Smithson and HoHoHo

Dear Santa,

Please bring me an American Girl doll with pink glasses, art supplies, calendar, and a real cash register. I have been a very good girl this year.

Lily Reese, 5