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Low bid for Falkville High project under budget

The low bid for renovations and alterations to Falkville High School and construction of a new athletic facility came in at $2,361,983 or $139,067 under an overall budget of $2.5 million.

Woodard Construction of Hartselle was the apparent low bidder, with a base bid of $2,092,633 for the demolition and reconstruction of six classrooms and administrative offices and $269,300 for alternate No. 1, construction of a new athletic facility.  Low bids of $288,700 and $2,625 were submitted for alternate No. 2, HVAC upgrades for the auditorium and science annex and alternate No. 3, demolition of existing chiller, pumps, piping etc. at the existing auditorium, respectively.

Offers from five other construction firms were opened and announced by Graves McKee of McKee and Associates (architect) of Montgomery at the 2 p.m. bid opening Tuesday.

The second low bidder was Civicon Inc. with a quote of $2,431,000 for the base bid and field house alternate. Other bidders were First Team Construction, Lee Builders, Johnson Contractors and Trawick Contractors.

Kevin Gunnison, senior construction manager for Volkert Inc., said he would review the bids with Superintendent Bill Hopkins Jr. as a first step in getting the project off the ground.

“It will be up to the superintendent and school board to decide if they want to meet before the next scheduled meeting to consider the low bid and award a contract” he pointed out. “We’d like to start work Nov. 1.”

The target date for completion is mid-July 2015.