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Pumpkin winners

Winners in Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce’ s Pumpkin Carving contest are, from left, (front row) Jake Ryan, Allie Anders, Kylee Howell, Elliott Johnson, Cana Beth Waynick and Keegan Zanda; (back row) Roxie Hartley, Sarah Fox, Bailey Sparks, Caleb Simmons, Jared Simmermann, Brody Tapscott, Judd Baker, Brody Peebles and Stacey Miller. The students are members of Kim Jared’s fourth grade class at Barkley Bridge Elementary School. Class members who participated but are not pictured are: Mary Beth Gentle, Johnston Murphy, Andrew Norton, Shelby Roberts, Walker Anton, Graham Ellis, John Looney, Connor Moore, Emme Ballew, Cayden Davis, Brodie Jackson, Eijjah Kelick and Olivia Patterson.