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Falkville celebrates fall festival with new park

Benjamin Maxwell
Special to the Enquirer

FALKVILLE – Despite drizzly-chilled conditions the town of Falkville kicked off its 15th annual Fall Festival on Saturday.

The festival is a real treat, not only for the community of Falkville but for the surrounding communities as well. The festivities, hosted by the Falkville Volunteer Fire Department include a pancake breakfast, as well food vendors serving local favorites, live music, car and tractor shows as well as games for the whole family.

“This is the biggest event for our community every year,” said newly elected Falkville Mayor Bob Ramey. “You can see that even on a bad day like today we have a good turnout. We were expecting around 5,000 people here. It is a big boost for our fire department, which sponsors the event.”

The day’s festivities surround the train tracks that run through the heart of town. Even with trains running through the festival on schedule, the events never slow down. However, one of the most important events of the day took place outside the festivals central location.

At 10 a.m. the town of Falkville held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly renovated Jack McCaig Park. Though the park is set away from the day’s festivities many of the Falkville townfolk and those involved with renovations were there to support their towns unveiling.

“We have had updates made to the park thanks to a CBG grant and also a grant acquired by State Sen. Arthur Orr,” said Town Clerk Dawn Estes. “Morgan County Commission as well as the Falkville football players did some of the work here for us and we are here today to thank all of those who contributed to the park as well as officially open the park.”

The park was built in 1984, but took on the name of three time City Council member William Jack McCaig in 1997. The McCaig family was among those honored at the unveiling, including the wife of the late Jack McCaig, Jean Winkles.

“Jack was a local business man,” said current Mayor Jimmie Walker. “He was a type of man that if you ever needed help he would be right there. That is the type of people the McCaig’s are; they will help you any way that they can.”

The project acquired a total of $54,000 in grant money to improve the park’s playground equipment, lighting, drainage, sprinkler system, pavilion, benches, light poles, sodding and sidewalks. Among those honored for their contributions were Senator Arthur Orr, County Commissioner Don Stisher, grant consultant Terry Acuff, engineer Russ Roberts, CDBG Neighborhood Improvement Projects (ADECA), Falkville High School Football, Sylvia Walker, Carol Groce and town employees.

“Jimmie Walker and his council have done a lot for Falkville by making improvements across the town,” said Orr.

“This park is just one example of that. They have had a lot of unseen improvements when it came to sewer and drainage improvements that the public were probably unable to fully appreciate, but this park is one of the tangible and physical projects that Jimmy had completed before he leaves office. This is a quality project that the town of Falkville can be proud of. When people are looking to relocate and move to the town they will see the amenities of the town, and this park is one of those amenities that people can appreciate. ’There’s no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care about who gets the credit.’ This was a team effort and that is why it was a success.”