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New HHS to reach another benchmark

Another major milestone is scheduled to take place Thursday when the above the ceiling inspections are scheduled for the new Hartselle High. This will take place on both the first and second floors of A, B, and C section of the facility.

Once approval is done the ceilings can be closed and VCT flooring as well as cabinetry work can be completed. Jim Maynard of Martin & Colby Construction updated the school board at their regular monthly meeting September 10 on the continued progress at the new high school.

Column coverings should also be installed this week and curb and gutter work continues as well. The entire facility is almost roofed in as well.

When asked for a completion date Maynard answered that the project should finish within the contractual completion date of the first week of February 2013. The school board had hoped to move into the school during the Christmas break but they also have a fall back date of Spring break week. It is hoped that a decision can be made by Thanksgiving and plans for moving made known to all involved as well as the public.

In other action the board approved the disposal of outdated textbooks, approved out-of-state travel for the HHS Cross Country team, and awarded contracts for drug testing for students and drug and alcohol testing for bus drivers. A bid of $80,243.22 for the purchase of a school bus from Southland International was accepted. The board also approved use of school facilities by Hartselle Band Boosters and Hartselle Youth Football. Approvals were given on the resignation of Debbie Lopez, track coach at HJHS, employment was approved for Tiffany Lynn Worley as school nurse, Dr. Franklin Penn from part time to full time, Nathan Kimbrell, custodian, and Brad Bray HJHS track coach. Several volunteer coaches were also approved.

After the second reading of the proposed 2012-2013 budget as presented by CFO Serita Tapscott, the board approved the budget as presented. The board also complimented Tapscott and the accounting staff for their hard work in the budget preparation.

The board on a 4-1 vote approved the 2013 Capital Projects Plan. Board member Randy Sparkman made the motion to table this until the board could visit the current high school on Sparkman and decided what renovations needed to be made there. Monty Vest seconded the motion so discussion could take place. After several minutes of discussion the motion failed and another was made to approve the plan as presented. Sparkman vote against the plan as presented.