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Falkville High undergoes a makeover

Temporary classrooms were the order of the day for Falkville High School teachers and students last week as central office maintenance workers and a private contractor made repairs and improvements to the main building’s hallways and offices.

“Carpet was removed from hallways and office floors to make way for a new vinyl tile floor,” said Principal Glenn Lang. “That meant we had to stay off the floors and the classrooms adjoining the hallways. “We had teachers in temporary classrooms in the data room, biology lab, library and auditorium.

“It’s been inconvenient and somewhat of a distraction to everyone,” he added, “but we’ve been able to make the adjustment thanks to the cooperative spirit that has been demonstrated by everyone involved.

“The fruits of the labor – a cleaner, healthier and more esthetically pleasing learning environment– is something we’re all going to enjoy,” Lang pointed out. “We want to do things to promote school and community pride. Hopefully this is a step in that direction.”

In addition to new flooring, several large, outmoded heating and air conditioning units in the hallways and offices were removed and replaced with smaller, more efficient units. Some windows in another building were also replaced.

Another project that’s under way on campus is drainage improvement. Morgan County District 3 workers are installing large drain tile and a headwall on the east side of the campus as part of a Community Development Block Grant project.

From the headwall, a large open drainage ditch with concrete flume will be constructed behind the football stadium and softball and baseball playing fields. This project is being funded by a $10,000 appropriation from the town’s general fund.

District 3 has also donated $10,000 toward school improvements and a request for state assistance is pending.

Other needed repairs and upgrades are being considered as part of the Morgan County School District’s five-year capital improvement plan, according to Hank Summerford, transportation and maintenance director.

“We’ve already had an insurance adjustor look at the school’s roof and confirm storm damage,” Summerford noted. “We expect our insurer to help pay for the roof replacement.”

Summerford said weather damage to the concrete apron and sidewalks in front of the Tom Drake Gymnasium need to be replaced and will be included in his recommendations for the next five-year-capital improvement plan.

“I’m happy to see some improvements taking place at Falkville High,” Summerford stated. “It’s the oldest high school in the county and is overdue to be replaced. Hopefully funding will be available to do that in the near future.”