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LETTER: Texting while driving as dangerous as DUI

Dear Editor,

Effective today (Aug. 1), a new law takes effect banning texting while driving statewide. The law imposes fines that increase with each offense and penalizes a driver’s record by two points per offense. That can get very expensive, very fast.

However, the human cost is much higher. A driver who texts is 23 times more likely to get in an accident. In fact, the reaction time of someone who texts while driving is even slower than the reaction time of a drunk or someone on drugs.

A number of communities have passed local ordinances against texting and driving. Our state legislators covered every roadway in Alabama during this past 2012 legislative session. In Morgan County, we applaud Sen. Arthur Orr and Reps. Terri Collins, Micky Hammon, Ed Henry and Jeremy Oden for being part of the vote to pass the legislation.

As even our elected leaders will tell you, laws alone will not curb the deaths, injuries and property damage. We must alter our behavior in a world that often demands we stay connected. If you need more information on the dangers to help convince you, visit, take a few minutes to read, see and hear the stories and take the pledge not to text and drive.

Dave Hargrove

Regional Director

AT&T Alabama