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Alcohol: social decision that zealots criticize

Dear Editor,

In response to all of the letters to the editor, the last one got my goat. This individual must have personal experiences in their world. It must be difficult to live with themselves. Their vision for the future must be dim indeed.

The following, hopefully will relieve their stress. I want them to understand this is not a religious choice, but a social one. There is wrongdoing in all walks of life, but social responsibility has given us the greatest nation on earth.

Taxes will increase expenditures. This argument is true as the day that alcohol was made legal again in the 30s. Much money (bartering) has been made on spirits in our ancestral roots of the Puritans and Calvinists that arrived shortly after Columbus, as well as today. Alcohol is taxed heavily due to its supply and demand.

Consumers go to great extremes to ensure that spirits are available. Special occasions, social events, and holidays, etc. are tied to the spirit of cheer…some to alcohol as well. So, yes alcohol sales will increase revenue for Hartselle, just as it has done for other towns and counties. It is a part of our society, and used frequently in Hartselle, in private settings of course.

Abuse of alcohol is a disease. The American Medical Association has determined abuse of alcohol to be a disease. Consequences of abuse should be based on Judicial and Social norms (etc. fines and rehab). If alcohol abuse is of concern, we must deal with it from a social aspect rather than a religious aspect. Alcohol abuse transcends all religious and social norms. The only thing an alcoholic may have in common with another is alcoholism.

Alcohol is against Christian religious beliefs. The scriptures of the Holy Bible teach us that “Jesus turned water into wine.” Just as each religious theology of (The Holy Bible) is interpreted, each applying some teachings and other applying different teachings to form the theologies.

The one thing that can be agreed upon is the abuse of anything can be disastrous to one’s self and others. Thus, the abuse, not use, has detrimental effects on our society. Using religion or any theology will never change human reaction to conquering the disease that binds them, unless it becomes personal. If you argue alcohol would increase abuse in Hartselle, then you must say that bingo causes reckless gambling. However, alcohol isn’t taught to be a sin in the Holy Bible, gambling is.

In conclusion, folks that are trying to stop alcohol from being sold in Hartselle must be very careful, not to land in a trap they have set for themselves. Please continue to practice your faith…no matter what it is. But consider others before you resort to admonishing them concerning their private lives. After all, we Americans have the right to vote….and it is still a private issue for you to decide.

Bennie Arnold