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Locals participate in State Accordionists meeting

Rachel Slate, Marc Allen Slate, Sandra Hughes and I enjoyed attending the Alabama Accordionists Association meeting in Clanton on July 21.

A business meeting was conducted at 11 a.m. and a really nice luncheon followed at noon.

A musical program was presented after lunch with the following musicians participating: Jim Wadonick, Sandy Hughes, Joe and Dot Gauthier, Don Bertagnolli. Reid Matherne, Gene Omasta, Jim Bossert, Craig Funderburg, Myra Fields, Julie Council, Martha Miller, Mercedes Rodriguez and Alla, Maum and Goran.

A photo shoot followed the program and the meeting closed with the singing of “God Bless America.”

I really enjoyed attending the meeting and I’m proud to be a member even though I’m not an accordionist.

Special belated happy birthday wishes go out this week to Max Roden on July 30 and Steve Terry on July 31.

Belated happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to Justin and Jennifer Jones on July 30.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church express Christian love and prayers for Mavolene Herbert, Jimmy Wright, Robert Spinks, Jimmie Lake, Pat Osborne, Sydney Woznicki, Steve Raley, Jerry Blankenship, Kaye Alred, Richard Cannon, Adam Mason, Connie Campbell, Stephen Hamilton, Mandy Johnson, Jerry Jordan and Jonathan and Emily Alred.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church express love and heartfelt sympathy to De and Lori McGuire and family in the death of De’s grandfather, Orval McGuire.

I read a story entitled “Loveliest Things” recently and thought it was worthy of sharing with Hartselle Enquirer readers:

“What are the loveliest things you know? When a British schoolteacher asked that question, one little girl’s answer was: Our dog’s eyes, street lights on the river, wet stones, the smell of rain, an organ playing, red roofs in trees, smoke rising, the smell of cut grass, red velvet, the smell of picnic teas and the moon in the clouds.” If you’re looking for a favorite pastime, why not compile your own list at the dinner table? The exchange of ideas may provide some eye-opening contributions.”