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A look back to July 11-17, 1962

July 8, 1962 – Mayor and Mrs. Grady Long were among Hartselle supporters of Gov. John Patterson who were his guests for the initial showing of Cinerama in Birmingham.

July 8, 1962 – Broadhead-Cook Furniture on East Main is now offering Plaid stamps with all home furnishing purchases. Plaid is the newest stamp plan and claims to be “America’s most valuable.”

July 9, 1962 – Ed Price, son of the former principal of MCHS, Edwin Price, is currently undergoing training in Hawaii for service in the new Peace Corps. Ed expects to work for a couple of years in North Borneo.

July 10, 1962 – MCHS Principal J. C. Pettey and his wife, Mrs. Beulah Pettey, are back home following a week of participation in the National Education Association annual meeting in Denver. Principal Pettey recently won the Democratic nomination for superintendent of education (the same as election).

July 11, 1962 – Janice Grammer, Hartselle 2, a graduate of both MCHS and Anderson Business College, is the first entrant in the annual Morgan County Maid of Cotton contest.

July 12, 1962 – The Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister appeared in concert here tonight at Pettey Gym under the sponsorship of the Jaycees.

July 12, 1962 – Morgan County Women Democrats met at the Joe Wheeler EMC headquarters here tonight. Hartselle officers of the group include Mrs. M. G. Vest, second vice-chairman; Italyne Hardwick, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Jimmy Yarbrough, historian.

July 12, 1963 – The largest tax cut in nearly a decade went into effect today. Its primary beneficiaries will be business people. President Kennedy, although a Democrat elected with strong union support, feels that this approach to tax cuts is the one most likely to stimulate economic growth.

July 13, 1962 – Hartselle youngster Fred Speake is among 600 youth who have been in Auburn this week for the 42nd annual 4-H Club conference.

July 14, 1962 – Mr. and Mrs. Jim Coleman, Hartselle 3, are the proud parents of a baby boy born at Decatur General Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watts are experiencing similar joy over their son who made his arrival today.

July 15, 1962 – The summer revival began today at Hartselle Baptist. The visiting evangelist is Vance Havner, a widely known pastor and author. (Dr. Havner was born in North Carolina in 1901. During the years of his active ministry he would write more than 40 books.)

July 15, 1962 – Hartselle native Willard Nelson, who is president of State National Bank, has named one of his childhood friends here as his vice-president. Arthur Howell began his service in that capacity today.

July 16, 1962 – Lloyd Logan, commander of the Hartselle post of the American Legion, announces that his men are currently conducting a subscription drive for the purchase of medical equipment to be used by people in need in the community.

July 17, 1962 – A safe weighing about 750 pounds was stolen from the Piggly Wiggly store on Main Street tonight. Presumably the miscreants who attempted unsuccessfully to open the safe on-site last month are the same ones who carted it off this time. (The safe was found a couple of days later in Flint Creek by fishermen. Paul Lee, the store owner, said the safe did not have any money in it.)

July 17, 1962 – Hartselle Frozen Foods is doing a big business in custom meat processing. Customers bring their hogs and calves on foot on Tuesdays and Thursdays and shortly thereafter the meat is available sliced and wrapped and ready for the freezer until needed.

July 17, 1962 – Former Morgan County Sheriff John McCutcheon is very seriously ill at the Veterans Hospital in Birmingham.

July 17, 1962 – Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Holmes, Falkville 1, welcomed a new baby boy into their home today.