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Hartselle should reject alcohol like Boaz did

Dear Editor,

I understand the people of Cullman County and Hartselle are getting up a petition to vote whether to legalize the sale of the addictive drug alcohol. Yes, it is a very addictive drug.

The main reason given to legalize alcohol is always the same. Additional tax revenue will be received. However, the increased availability and sales of alcohol will only add to the current liquor problems of Hartselle and Cullman County. For example, in 2009, Cullman County had only 158 DUI’s that made it to court. In 2009 there were 517 DUI arrests that made it to court in Marshall County.

Another big problem is the increase in children and teenagers drinking of alcohol. Many will become addicted. 39.5 percent of Alabama youth in grades 9-12 drink alcohol, which is greater than the national average. Forty-three percent of kids age 13-14 start drinking below age 14. And many will likely become addicted. However, if they don’t start drinking alcohol, they will never become addicted. Teenagers who start drinking before age 15 are six times more likely to develop alcohol dependence than those who begin drinking at age 21.

The Bible says that no drunkard shall enter heaven. So the question is, who makes the drunkard? Think about it. Could it be that those who vote to legalize alcohol contribute greatly to someone becoming a drunkard?

It is a fact that if both Hartselle and Cullman County goes wet, there will be an increase in direct adverse consequences such as DUI deaths and injuries. In addition, there will be an increase in crime, police officers, jails, emergency crews and a need for more addition facilities.

I believe that any reasonable person should conclude that the drug alcohol costs much more than the revenue it produces. ALCAP ( says it costs $15 for every dollar made off alcohol. Also, ALCAP says the drug alcohol causes more damage and problems than all other illegal drugs combined.

Boaz just recently rejected the legalization of alcohol. After rejection by the citizens, the city passed a 1 percent sales tax increase. This brought in $2 million and will not cause major problems like the drug alcohol.

The Alabama Department of Health indicates that there are countless millions of individual family members and children who experience the devastating effects of the drug alcohol problems in their life.

Some parents think that if their kids are not smoking marijuana or using other hard drugs, there is no problem. Parents have a responsibility to their children to make good choices. Do you want to be responsible for your children to become addicted to alcohol?

It’s past time for the people of the State of Alabama and this nation to consider the problems that alcohol causes and reject the legalization of alcohol. Consider also that the people that don’t drink alcohol will have to help pay for alcohol problems.

Bobby Nunn, Guntersville