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Voting precinct lines amended

Action taken by the Morgan County Commission on Tuesday means some voters will be casting ballots in different precincts and at different locations in forthcoming elections.

The commissioners approved a map, which denotes amended precinct boundaries, and authorized Chairman Ray Long to submit a copy of the map and a request to the U.S. Department of Justice for its approval.

The proposed amendments, if approved by the Department of Justice, will become effective with a special Constitutional Amendment Election on Sept. 18, as well as all future federal, state and local elections.

Adonis Bailey, chairwoman of the Morgan County Board of Registrars said voters will be notified by mail prior to the September election if they are affected by the changes.

County Engineer Greg Bodley said he was tasked to redraw the boundaries, in part, because of annexations that have occurred in the county’s municipalities since the commission last established voting precincts.

In another move, the commission authorized the chairman to request membership for the county in the Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments (TARCOG), subject to the approval of the organization’s board of directors and the governors office.

“I don’t see any problems standing in the way of our approval,” Long stated. “I haven’t received an adverse feedback from the people of Morgan County since we announced our intention to seek membership with TARCOG. I’m confident this is going to be a good move for us.”

The governing body acted on other matters as follows:

• Accepted a low bid of $903 each from DTM for desktop computers as required by Morgan County offices. Staples’ bid of $901 was rejected because it didn’t meet specifications. In addition, a bid of $1,091.55 was received from Avanti.

• Authorized the chairman to execute a rating agreement application with Moody’s Investors Service pertaining to the refunding of the 2003 General Obligation Jail Warrants. He was also authorized to execute an agreement with Bank of New York as paying agent for the new bond issue.

• Declared two vehicles used by Morgan County Environmental Services as surplus property and agreed to advertise them for sale on

• Authorized the chairman to execute a contract with Keet Consulting Services for GIS Sales Tax website design and development.

• Authorized payment of $2,085 to Valley Profile for an advertisement in a Decatur- Morgan County Chamber of Commerce map and $500 to the Priceville Park and Recreation Department for a car show.

• Authorized the chairman to negotiate a lease agreement between Morgan County and Morgan County System of Services for $100 for a term of 50 years, commending Jan. 1, 2011 and terminating at midnight on Dec. 31, 2061.

• Passed a resolution recognizing Aug. 9, 2012, as a health/benefits fair for Morgan County employees.

• Approved certificates to subdivide and/or consolidate as follows: Keith and Karen Hopper and Tri-Country Fire Department, Hwy. 67 and Pleasant Grove Road, Thomas and Jan Smithey, Helms Road, SE, and Steve Siniard, Hwy. 231, all in District 4; and Nona Mae Pettit Estate, Community Lane and Dryer Road and Ernest and Linda Waters, Craze Road and Targum Road, both in District 2.

• Authorized the chairman to enter into a utility agreement with Northeast Morgan County Water Authority for the relocation of utilities for a bridge replacement project on Gum Springs Road.

• Authorized the chairman to advertise for bids on the rental of a track hoe with hammer and ditch trencher for District 1.

• Authorized the chairman to submit a request to the City of Decatur for the annual appropriation of $150,000 as a local mach for a 2012-2013 Urban Grant for the operation of the Morgan County Area Transportation System, effective Oct. 1, 2012 through Sept. 30, 2013.

• Approved a sales tax refund of $1,577.64 to Hinkle Metals & Supply Co. for January 2012.

• Authorized District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark to purchase a 1996 Ford truck from Environmental Services for $6,000.

• Authorized District 4 Commissioner Greg Abercrombie to hire a vacant position of part-time operator at a pay rate of $7.95 per hour.

• Approved payment of $2,705.07 to Travelers Insurance for legal services regarding the claims filed against the commission by Martha Humphrey (Dist. 2) and Glenda Lockhart (sheriff).

•Authorized Debra Rains, director of MCATS, to hire part-time substitute drivers at a pay rate of $7.95 per hour.