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DHS releases its summer basketball play date schedule

Danville High School’s girls basketball program will be hosting 126 varsity, junior varsity and middle school summer basketball games for its seven summer play dates.

The games began last week and the last play date will be June 26.

Here is the schedule of games:




9 AM: Falkville-Hanceville (V)

9:55 AM: Hanceville-Holly Pond (JV)

10:40 AM: Falkville-Decatur Heritage (V)

11:35 AM: Danville-Hanceville (V)

12:30 PM: James Clemens – Holly Pond (JV)

1:15 PM: Falkville-Holly Pond (V)

2:10 PM: Danville-Decatur Heritage (V)

3:05 PM: Holly Pond-Decatur (V)

4 PM: Decatur Heritage-Hanceville (V)

4:55 PM: Decatur – James Clemens (V)

5:50 PM: Lawrence County-Decatur (V)

6:45 PM: Lawrence County – James Clemens (V)


Middle School Gym

9 AM: Danville (7)-Decatur Heritage (MS)

9:45 AM: Danville (8)-Hanceville (MS)

10:30 AM: Decatur Heritage-Union Hill (MS)

11:15 AM: Danville (7)-Hanceville (MS)

12:45 PM: Hanceville-Union Hill (MS)

1:30 PM: Danville (8)-Union Hill (MS)

2:15 PM: Hanceville-Decatur (JV)

3 PM: Good Hope – West End (JV)

3:45 PM: James Clemens – Good Hope (JV)

4:30 PM: Decatur – West End (JV)