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A tribute

Dear Editor,

The following piece was written by my daughter and I wanted to share it with your readers in time for Father’s Day:


Sometimes I feel that I was “the pick of the litter,” so to speak, of the three children. Since I was the baby, I suppose it was only natural to be a little more petted than others.

Remembering back when I was 3 or 4 years old, it seemed natural for me to add “eo” to some words. I would call my father “Dad-eo,” to which he would respond “Baby-o” or “Mon-eo.”

That seemed to be our thing, as none of the others were responding as we did.

I always looked forward to the letters, Valentine’s and Christmas cards and such, for I know and expected there would be a line that said, “Hello to Mon-eo.”

When I became old enough to want to drive the car, it was Dad-eo who taught me. Things were going pretty good until once I ran into a ditch by Jean and Lonzo Davis’ place.

It seems that I could not get coordinated enough to turn the wheel and press the brake at the same time. At that point, he assured me that it must be a family trait.

“Your mother could not walk and chew gum at the same time.”

Many other childish things have happened, but he remained the same through it all.

I am married now and have a family of my own, but he is never very far from us. Especially since Mother has gone on to be with the Lord, we seem even closer than ever and still do some of the childish things as before.

I know there are many who have enjoyed the closeness and love as my father and I, but I think my dad has been and always will be “The Greatest Father of Them All.”

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Mona Williams Lee


James W. Williams

Morgan County