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Congratulations to the 2012 high school graduates from our area

This week I would like to congratulate the Class of 2012. They had to work really hard to get to this special time in their lives. The following students of our community or surrounding areas are part of the Class of 2012: Hayden Coleman, Bob Jones High School, son of John and Donna Coleman and grandson of Milford and Faye Cobbs and Margaret Sittason; Savannah Miller, Hartselle High School, daughter of Beth Bramlett and Tim Miller and granddaughter of Rev. Clyde and Dot Ledlow and Clyde H. Miller; Carli Montgomery, Truth & Freedom Home School Academy, daughter of Lisa Cooper and Barry Montgomery and, granddaughter of Milton and JoAnn Montgomery and Lois Cristy; Tim Rayman, Priceville High School, son of Kris Carpenter; Kyle St. Amand, Hartselle High School, son of Vicki Ferguson and Marc St. Amand and grandson of Beverly Morrison and Norman and Paula St. Amand; Alannah Ballew, Lawton Christian School, daughter of Paul and Dana Ballew, granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Seth Ballew Sr.; Lucas Blan-kenship, Priceville High School, son of Gary and Asa Blankenship, grandson of Edgar and Elizabeth Blankenship and Sandra Payne; She-lean Duncan, Crest-view Florida, great-granddau-ghter of Horace Plemons; James Ryan Scott Jarrett, Gardendale High School,: grandson of Patricia Moody; Rachel Kelley, Priceville High School, daughter of Annette Map-les and Danny Kelley; Jessica Whitley Quattle-baum, Priceville High School, daughter of Charles Quattlebaum and Denise Smith, stepdaughter of Richard Smith and granddaughter of Charles and Virginia Quattlebaum and James (Buck) and Wilma Stinson; Jayla Sisk, Priceville High School, Darian Tucker, Corner-stone Christian School, daughter of Darren and Roxanne Tucker and granddaughter of Fred and Evelyne and Martha Tucker Siverling and the late Leonard Tucker; Kindred Motes, Birmin-gham Southern Univer-sity, son of Freddie and Rhonda Motes and grandson of Fred and Evelyn Motes and Harvey and Joan Williams; Trevor Shirley, Auburn Univer-sity, degree in Engineer-ing, son of Earl and Sonya Shirley and grandson of Earl and Venita Rigsby. On Friday, Peyton De-Loach celebrated her 2nd birthday with a Minnie Mouse party at Veteran’s Park in Price-ville. Attending were her parents, David and Susan DeLoach, her brothers, Devan and Austin, grandparents, Harold and Brenda Maples, great-grandparents, Lewis and Eldora Maples, Adam, Sara, Katelyn and Noah Smith, Carol Hardin, Andrew Maples, Jack and Katie Steward and Jacob Rozell. Peyton’s birthday was May 17.

.Homecoming and Deco-ration was observed at New Center Baptist Church Sun., May 20. The following list is in memory of friends and loved ones who passed away from May 15, 2011 to May 20, 2012:

May 2011, Frank Wilborn, Donnie Yates, Mildred Newton, Ray Hunkapillar, Dustin “Dubby” Slate; June 2011, Chris Parker, Nancy Ramey, Sylvia Michelini, Sharon Campbell, How-ard Irvin, Michael Terry, Lt. Mike Woods; July 2011, Kaylen Arrington, Steve Nelson, Daniel Og-den, Dewey Hammon Brown, Ricky Sybert, Wayne Henslee, Earl Cook Jr., Marvin Leo Hopper; Aug. 2011, Jean Wells, Annie Mc-Caghren, John Lee, Talmadge Mann, Ester Ford; Sept. 2011, MaKinnley Chayse Cha-ney, Ida Hodo, Milton Parker, Hilda Singleton, Thelma Mowl, Doug Timbes, Martha G. Blankenship, Ronnie Ensley; Oct. 2011, Geraldine Newton, Nancy Downs, Patricia Bruton West, Lizzy Bea Freeman, Steve Lovelace, Ruby Boyer, Frank Stewart, Ashleigh Owens, Rudolph Sivley, Bruce Ricketts, Keith Whitten, Mary Prater. Nov. 2011: Debbie Covert, Mary Virginia Brenner, Jim Newton, Jewel Riner; Dec. 2011, Sarah Crow, Joey Bennich, Mary Pigg, Terry Bailey, Dewell Brown Jr., Wayne Green, Max Dudley, Mary Chambers Wunderlich, Former Pastor Curtis Rush, Lucy Jernigan, Lida Waddell Woodall, Connie Hammon Maurice Hill, Joyce Atchley, Erskine Speegle, Lucille Long; Jan. 2012, Jessica Hardin, Rita Shephard, Peggy Woodall, Ronald New, Alan Johnson, Annie Waddell, Myrtle Thompson, Gracie Travis Nix, Jada Odell, Ruth Brown, Dewey Hopper, Kevin Huff, Glenna Croft, Dale Ferguson, Tina Long, Alan Welch; Feb. 2012, Mary Poteete, Nina Brown, Mary Dutton, Brenda Vest, Marlene Belcher, Anna Caldwell, Robert Livingston, Ernest Stewart; Mar. 2012, Susan Summers, J.B Mathews, James “Ottis” Terry, Dennis Murphy, John Thomas Huff, Jeff Spring-er, Jimmy Atanasoff, Bobby Joe White, Tommy Putman, Gertrude Wray, Josh Lambert, Erlene Ballew, Bobby Cocke; April 2012, J.P. Cain, Dr. Bob Sittason Jr., Dan Nafziger, Nell Harrison, Coleman Hopper, Clovis Puckett, Wanda Gail Freeman, Imogene Hopper, Joe Blankenship; May 2012, Betty Beal, Lena Bullard, Johnny Hudson, Kathy Garrison.

Happy birthday to: Elizabeth Blankenship, Tammy Gulley, Brenda Bloodworth, Tucker Robinson. Olivia Russell, Clint Chisgar, Vivian Bracken, all on May 29; James Shea on May 30. Stan Kiefer, Brylor Hatfield, Rachel Tucker and Jim Barr, all on May 31,. Sandra Holmes and Natalie Matthews, both on June 1. Matthew Spicer on June 2.

Happy anniversary to: Dewayne and Sandra Holmes, on May 29, Nathan and Javon All-dredge on May 31; Terry and Donna Tankersley on June 1, Jim and Linda Barr on June 2, Chip and Beverly Spicer on June 2; John and Sarah Mize on June 3; Stephen and Amber Robinson on June 3.

Happy Sweet 16 to my niece, Rachel tucker, who celebrated her 16th birthday on May 31.