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Church defacement leads to two arrests

Two Falkville men have been arrested and charged in connection with the use of satanic graffiti to deface Miracle Church of Jesus Christ in the Bell Springs community near Falkville, according to Sheriff Anna Franklin.

Black spray paint was used to deface the exterior walls of the church on April 14. The suspects painted upside down crosses as well as the words “the Antichrist is here,” and “You Will All Die Clutching Your Bibles.”

Investigator Chad Smith reported receiving information from a confidential informant who indicated that Jason Charles Slusser, 19, of 69 Watts Road in Falkville had been bragging about defacing a church. Subsequently, he interviewed the suspect and received a confession. Slusser said he and a friend, Glenn Cordell Wilson 18, of Culver Loop, Falkvlle, were at his house drinking on April 14.  They got a can of black spray paint and walked to the church, which is adjacent to Slusser’s residence. They proceeded to spray the building with satanic graffiti.

Wllson also confessed upon being questioned.

Warrants were obtained for the arrest of both suspects for desecrating a venerable object, A Class A misdemeanor. Slusser was arrested on April 26 and Wilson on May 7. Both posted a $300 bond.