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‘Vote Yes’ event attracts hundreds

Hartselle Citizens for Economic Development had between 250 and 300 people attend its “Vote Yes” rally at Family Lanes Bowling alley, according to president Bob Francis.

One of the people that attended the rally was Cynthia Pyle, a resident with a Hartselle address but lives outside the city.

She believes that Hartselle has missed out on numerous economic opportunities because the city cannot sell alcohol.

“It’s cost the city a lot of opportunities because they cannot sell alcohol,” Pyle said. “I definitely think it has hurt Hartselle.”

Volunteers from Hartselle Citizens for Economic Development were on hand to help discuss their position on the wet-dry issue. They also had T-shirts and election signs to give out to anyone who wanted them for a donation.

Numerous speakers also took the stage to express their support for legalizing alcohol sales.

“It’s been a good day for us,” Francis said. “I think we’ve had a very positive response.”

A “Vote No” rally was held earlier this year at Hartselle Civic Center. The earliest another referendum on this issue can be held is on Nov. 6.