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Hartselle woman accused of putting camping fuel in milk

A woman with a Hartselle address is facing assault charges after another woman drank milk that was contaminated with camping fuel.

On April 23, a female resident of 5243 Danville Road, which is located in the Decatur Police Jurisdiction of Hartselle, called police when she became ill after drinking milk at her residence.

During the investigation, police determined that Kristi Danielle Thurman, 34, of 5243 Danville Road in Hartselle allegedly place the substance, believed to be camping fuel, into the milk. Thurman was suspected of putting the substance in the milk after an argument the previous day.

On May 3, Thurman was arrested and charged with assault in the second degree. Thurman was in Decatur City Jail on a probation violation charge stemming from a previous arrest. Thurman’s bond was set at $2,500. She is currently in the Decatur City Jail pending transfer to the Morgan County Jail.

Police had been called to the same residence earlier on April 23 after officers discovered items used to manufacture methamphetamine. Thurman, 34, and her boyfriend, Jerry Eugene Burk II, 33, were arrested on April 30 and charged with unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance first degree.

Kristi Danielle Thurman