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Where were you on April 27?

The day was Wednesday. The date was April 27, 2011.

Can you remember where you were or were headed when the storms began. Even a year later, it’s still hard to realize all the damage from the tornadoes.

Without power or a way to communicate with family and friends, we were all shut off from the world. I know there are still folks trying to put the lives back in order. So many lost everything that they had. They’ve had to start all over again.

Some folks lost not all personal things, but loved ones as well. May God continue to comfort you each day.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church sends a special thank you to New Center Baptist Church for the recent vacation Bible school clinic. Also, thank you to Geoff Halbrooks for doing a great job. The food and the atmosphere were great.

Happy birthday wishes to Amber Terry Boyajean, Joshua Carlock and Landon Robinson, all on April 30; Landon Goodwin and Jeremy Kiefer, both on May 2; Jammie Frazier on May 3; Ilene Smith on May 5; Faye Smith on May 7; and Donald Edwards on May 8.

Happy anniversaries to Joe and Janice Roberts on May 3, Billy and Mary Montgomery on May 4 and Joe and Tina Hollis on May 7.

Christian love and sympathy are extended to Glendell Terry, Greg Terry and Robin Ferrell in the loss of their brother-in-law and uncle, Coleman Hopper.

The beautiful flowers placed on the communion table of New Center Baptist Church recently were placed by Sally Cheathan and Cody Vest in loving memory of Kenneth (KV) Vest who passed away on April 21, 2006.