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Bad check writers face arrest in May

Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson warns those owing money to the Morgan County Worthless Check Unit and the Morgan County Restitution Recovery Unit that local law enforcement agencies will combine their efforts to conduct a roundup during the month of May.

“Warrants are already being prepared for the arrest of dozens of individuals, who have either written bad checks and not met their obligations or who owe court-ordered monies and restitution,” said Anderson. “Victims of these crimes and the tax-paying public are facing difficult and uncertain financial times, and my office is committed to doing its share to ensure that those owing money to the court system and to their victims are being held accountable.”

Anderson explained that those with outstanding warrants who want to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of arrest need to contact the Worthless Check or the Restitution Recovery Units of his office during normal business hours to arrange for payment.