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Momma switches to wallet

My Mom called me last week to update me on, as she refers to it, the “family gossip.”  Amidst the who is going to what college, who is moving where, and what grandchild said what to whom, my mom informed me “oh, by the way, I’ve quit carrying a purse.”  Excuse me?   What?   The reason was two-fold- the first was that my Mom is having considerable problems with her back and one of her knees; the second reason was that one of my Aunts recently had her purse stolen while at a bingo game.   She had set her purse on the chair next to her, someone had sat down in the next seat over, and when he or she had left, he or she had just picked up my aunt’s purse and walked off!   My aunt had not missed it until she was ready to leave.

My mom said after thinking about it she decided everything she really needed could fit in a wallet that she could carry in a pocket.  My Mom proceeded to explain she had sewn inset pockets in all of her outfits that did not have pockets in them so she could carry a wallet.  She said that even though she would still occasionally use a purse, that she would still carry things like her money, debit card, insurance cards in her pocket in a wallet.  She said I’d like to see someone stick their hand down my front pocket!!   Yeah, I would too.  It be funny to watch my Momma, teach them a lesson!