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An anniversary we can’t forget

April 27, 2011, is a day that most of us will not forget. The images that we saw on TV and newspaper photographs from that day were just amazing.

At times, I still can’t believe that those big and strong storms came through our state, leaving paths of destruction everywhere you went.

In the weeks and months following the 2011 Super Outbreak of April 25-28, you could see where tornadoes had passed through areas. It didn’t matter whether you went north, south, east or west, you saw the twisted trees from a tornado. In fact, just driving on I-65 south from Hartselle, you could see as many as five or six tornado paths that crossed the major highway.

Most of Morgan County was spared, but the community of Hulaco suffered the devastation associated with an EF-4 tornado. Those families have been able to get back on their feet.

We were lucky that none were killed when that tornado struck southeastern Morgan County.

However, Priceville experienced the loss of two alumni, who were killed during the Tuscaloosa EF-4 tornado that ripped through the heart of Tuscaloosa’s business and residential areas.

It came within a few yards of the University of Alabama campus, but the Capstone was mostly spared.

But it didn’t spare the lives of Danielle Downs and Will Stevens. Both were found huddled together with their friend Loryn Brown of New Market.

Our deepest sympathies are with those families this week as we mark this anniversary.

This was a unique weather event in our lifetime. Hopefully we’ll never have to see a day like this ever again.

Brent Maze is the managing editor of the Hartselle Enquirer.