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New Center Baptist plans singing April 29

One of my favorite snacks is Cracker Jacks. When I was a kid I can remember buying it from the peddler that came through our community for the price of 10 cents a box. While shopping the other day I purchased a small bag of Cracker Jacks for $1.09. I must say this sweet treat has changed. I don’t know what I missed the most the prize or the peanuts. There was a prize inside but it didn’t compare to the ones that used to be in the treat and it might have had four peanuts in it.

Christian love and sympathy is extended to the family and friends of J.P. Cain.

A special Hello goes out this week to Ralph Blankenship in Star City, Ark. from Fred and Evelyn Motes. Mr. Blankenship enjoys the New Center news each week.

Also hello to Robert and Eloise Maples from Fred and Evelyn. We enjoyed a visit a Captain D’s recently.

Happy birthday wishes to Harold Callahan and Tyler Perry, both on April 16, Teresa Begemann on April 17, Hoyt Bracken, Patricia Moody, Leaph Bolan and Martha Clark, all on April 18, Lisa Halbrooks on April 19, Faye Hopper, Aaron Rogers and Justin Nesmith, all on April 20, Charlsey Ferrell and Connie Motes, both on April 21 and Brody Dean on April 22.

Happy anniversary to Buddy and Nancy Fowler on April 21.

A fifth Sunday night singing will be held at New Center Baptist Church on April 29 at 6 p.m., followed with finger foods and desserts.