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Pucker up for pig

Priceville Elementary School students celebrated with a fever pitch Friday morning as they watched their principal, Dr. Anne Knowlton, kiss a pig at center court in the school gym.

Knowlton earned the dubious honor of doing that by being declared the winner in a “Kissing The Pig” fundraiser for a new school playground. Students dug deep in their pockets and piggy banks over a three-week period and collectively came up with $3,400.01. Their donations earned them votes for the administrator or classroom teacher they most wanted to see kiss a pig.

“What asked before the assembly how she felt about kissing a pig Knowlton said, “I’ve never kissed a pig but if it’s something I need to do for the kids, I’m all for it.”

The kindergarten classes raised the most money and were treated to a pizza party, compliments of Priceville Coucilman Sam Heflin. Students in Amy Hood’s class earned their teacher a half-day of vacation.

PTO President Liz Vick announced other playground donors as follows: Priceville mayor and council, $2,500, represented by Councilman Tommy Perry; Traditions Bank, $2,500, represented by Riley Yeager and Lauren Williamson; BP-Decatur, $479; and Nucor-Decatur, $500. She also announced a commitment from District 1 Morgan County Commissioner Jeff Clark to furnish pea gravel for the playground, valued at $10,000.

The grand total reached $11,702. or about one-fourth of the $44,403 needed to complete the project.

“We’ve reached out to other businesses, industries and elected officials for help and we’re waiting to hear from them, Vick added. “We feel like more help is one the way and

encourage donations from anyone in the community.

“A new playground is badly needed,” said Vick. “We’ve outgrown the ones that were here when the school opened. “The new playground will be a great asset to our students because it will compliment the PE program and give them a safe place to play.”

“Our goal is to have the playground ready to open when the next school term begins,” she added.