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Residents deserve ‘free will’ on alchohol issue

Dear Editor:

Suppose the Supreme Court ruled that all churches are to be closed, that public church services and that public praying were to become illegal. Anyone caught preaching or worshiping would be imprisoned and all Bibles were to be confiscated and destroyed.

Or, suppose the courts ruled that “if any church, minister or religious organization becomes involved in any election of any candidate or publicly advocates or protests any referendum, that said church, minister or religious organization would lose their tax exempt status.”

Can you imagine the uproar that this would cause?

If my memory is correct, God gave man “free will.” With this, man can decide his own course; he can determine his own fate in life. Whether it’s going to church, or going to a local store for a six pack of beer, it should be each and every individual’s “free will” to do what he or she pleases, as long as it is legal to do so. It is neither my right nor any business of mine to tell you where you can serve God, or where you can buy alcohol.

I respect the individuals that attended the “Celebrate Hartselle” rally. I even respect their position on the wet/dry issue, but there’s one thing that sticks in my craw, that I just can’t seem to digest.

It is their desire to remove “free will” from people and businesses in Hartselle, and insert “control,” when it comes to legalized alcohol sales in Hartselle.

Many of the opponents will argue that Biblical wine was unfermented grape juice. That’s not true, for it would have been impossible for Noah and Lot to become intoxicated on grape juice.

At the Passover, which was in the spring, wine was served. As the grape harvest had passed by at least 6 months, there was no way to store grape juice, ergo it was wine!

Nowhere in the Bible does it say it’s a sin to have a beer, or a glass of wine, etc.

God made each of us differently. We can’t always agree on everything. We aren’t in Heaven yet.

Until then, I will continue to keep my position on this issue to allow legalized sales in Hartselle. Federal data shows that, much like communities that have concealed weapon laws, violent crime rates decrease, ergo, communities that went wet, alcohol related crimes also decreased.

Hartselle is in a pit of debt, thanks to some “not thought through” decisions made by our council and school board. The economy isn’t improving as quickly as many of the expert analysts predicted. Quite frankly, Hartselle needs the tax revenue.

Mike Dowdy