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Holly Pond man charged in knife attack near Eva

A Holly Pond man has been charged with attempted murder in connection with a knife attack, which occurred near Eva on March 28, according to Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.

The accused is identified as Jeremy Wayne West, 18. He was arrested without incident on April 2 and was released from Morgan County Tuesday after posting a $35,000 bond.

The victim was identified as Justin Sullivan, 22, of Union Hill Church Road, Eva. He was in stable condition and in no immediate danger. However, he was not able to be interviewed at that time.

On Mon., April 2, investigators interviewed the victim, whose account of the attack was consistent with the evidence they had documented at the crime scene. Subsequently, they obtained a warrant for West’s arrest.

Deputies responded to Sullivan’s residence after receiving a 911 call. The caller reported that a man had banged on his door shortly before 11 p.m. and that the man’s throat had been cut. Emergency medical personnel were also dispatched to the scene.

Upon their arrival, deputies determined that the man had been the victim of a vicious attack and had sustained a very serious wound to the throat. They called for an investigator and sealed off the area.