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Death, where is thy sting?

Many of us have heard the saying, “God works in mysterious ways.” Perhaps you encountered one of those moments when you felt that He was trying to tell you something or maybe help you in a decision. Also His ways may be trying to get your attention.

Today, we seem so busy. Our lives move at such a fast pace that we almost lose track of where we are or even what is happening around us. We move day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year without slowing down long enough to actually live the life that we have been given.

While time moves at the same pace as always we fill our lives with so much activity, we may not always stop and let God move within our busy life.

Last week while looking for a piece of artwork for an Easter ad, I performed an Internet search using the word “Easter.” I expected to find Christ on the cross, an empty tomb or even the eternal words “He Has Risen.” This was not the case at all.

In fact, it was necessary to work through almost 30 pieces of artwork before I found what I was searching for. Now if a bunny delivering eggs, a sale on new clothes for Easter or vast amounts of chocolate and baby chick candy were needed, you were in a great spot.

I’m not implying that we cannot enjoy this part of Easter, but to think one had to search beyond all of this to find Christ really can put things into perspective.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many of our lives, mine included. This has stayed with me over the past few days and, with this being Holy Week, I needed something to bring me back to the reality of what happened – from the triumphant entry into Jerusalem to the final words spoken “It is finished” while He hung on the cross.

When we stay so busy and let so many other things fill our lives, one might wonder whether we are not betraying Him all over again just as many who followed Him nearly 2000 years ago.

But the cross was not the end.

Come Sunday, death was conquered and victory was won. He’s alive.

Even though so little of our time is given to Him, still He stands waiting with arms open wide to love and forgive us.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.