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HPD down 4 cars due to wrecks

Hartselle Police Chief Ron Puckett has had plenty of bad luck over the last couple of weeks.

His fleet has been reduced by four cars, all of which were involved in traffic crashes while officers were on patrol.

“Thankfully, none of our officers were at fault,” Puckett said to the council Monday night. “But we’re still down four cars until we can either replace or repair those cars.”

The Hartselle City Council declared an emergency and allowed Pucket to purchase a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria to replace a vehicle that was totaled in one of the crashes.

Puckett said an insurance company said it will pay most of the expenses to replace that vehicle, but the city will have to pay for the difference between the new vehicle and the settlement.

Puckett added that he feels at least one of the other cars will be able to repaired while the others might be replaced with 2012 Ford Tauruses since Ford has decided to discontinue the Crown Victoria model.

“We asked Eddie Preuitt to help us find some 2011 Crown Victorias,” Puckett said. “They found eight in Georgia, but they only have one left now.”