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Gospel singing to be held at Soul Harbor Church

I hope everyone had a great week. It was a busy one for me with softball and baseball seasons in progress.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families who were affected by the tornadoes two weeks ago.

Congratulations to the Brewer High School girl’s basketball team. They played hard with great sportsmanship. We are very proud of them.

Deepest sympathy and love go out to the family and friends of Buddy Mitchell. He was a very special person in my family’s lives. We were in church with him on many occasions. He was pastor of the church where Somerville Assembly meets many years ago. Members of Somerville Assembly had him as a special guest at their first service in June 2011. He loved children and spent a lot of time with Bro. Jacob Daugette when he was a child. I know his grandchildren and great-grandchildren will miss him greatly.

Soul Harbor Baptist Church will hold a gospel singing on March 17 at 6 p.m. Featured singers will be Three-N-One. Everyone is invited.

Love and sympathy go out to the family of Bobby Key. His wife Sherry, children and grandchildren, will miss him. Bobby was one of the founders of Soul Harbor Baptist Church as was Bro. Buddy Mitchell.

Somerville Assembly will hold a benefit singing Mar. 31 at 6 p.m. Featured singers will be Free Indeed. Pastor Jacob Daugette and members extended a warm welcome to everyone.

A big hello goes out this week to Equator Black, J.D. and Sally Williams, Opal Mooneyham, Frank and Martha Gravatt, Gertrude Wray. Colleen Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Freeman and all Somerville News readers.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Darrel Orr.

Very special love and happy anniversary wishes go out to my son and daughter-in-law, Jacob and Ashley Daugette. They’ve been married for three years. I hope they make it for at least 33 more. They have a special love story. She was with him when he preached his first sermon at age 14. He gave her a promise ring at the Hartselle Christmas parade in 2002. She was then sent to New York to live with her mother, tearing them apart. After several years there, she made her way back to Alabama. They began dating. Then at the Hartselle Christmas parade in 2008 he gave her an engagement ring and asked her to marry him. They were married in the following March. She supported him in his preaching as a youngster and now she supports him as a pastor’s wife. I love y’all.

Prayers go out for Norma Dempsey, Bill Partridge, Jean Wallace, Rhonda Palmer, Dianne Harrison, all of those who have flu and sinus infections this week.

A big hello goes out to Pastor Gunter and all of his folks at the Church of God.

Call me at 256-621-0292 with your news items, social events, church news or other items you would like to have included in the Somerville News. Have a blessed and safe week.