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A look back to March 14-20, 1962

March 14, 1962-Cecil J. Johnson and Lloyd Cain both celebrated birthdays today.

March 14, 1962—Edward M. Kennedy, the youngest brother of the President, announced today his intention to run for the Senate seat relinquished when John F. Kennedy became this country’s chief executive.

March 15, 1962—Hartselle students began their annual AEA holidays today. Meanwhile, their teachers are attending meetings of the state’s largest professional organization in Birmingham. VIP speakers include Gov. John Patterson and UA president Dr. Frank Rose.

Gov. Patterson in his speech said teachers had an obligation to help find new revenue sources for schools and campaign for them when public votes are held. (State Superintendent of Education W. A. Lecroy made the same argument when he spoke the following day.) The current executive secretary of AEA is Dr. C. P. Nelson. (His long-time successor was Dr. Paul Hubbert.)

March 15, 1962—A barn owned by Ernest Segars on North Railroad Street was destroyed by fire today.

March 15, 1962—Funeral services were held in Ardmore today for Hartselle businessman C. S. Gatlin

March 15, 1962—The newly formed Hartselle Business and Professional Women’s Club held its first official meeting tonight.

March 16, 1962—Herbert McElroy has recuperated sufficiently to go home from Decatur General Hospital.

March 16, 1962—Members of the Morgan County Junior Deputies Club organized by Sheriff Knox McRae made a trip to Montgomery today to visit Kilby Prison.

March 16, 1962—Morgan County agricultural agent Charles Rutledge and assistant agent Harry Houston met with their counterparts from other north Alabama counties here today.

March 16, 1962—”Town without Pity” starring Kirk Douglas is now showing at the Ranch Drive-in.

March 17, 1962—Cullman State Rep. John Guthrie is currently campaigning for lieutenant governor of Alabama. (Rep. Guthrie was the father of former Alabama First Lady Marsha Guthrie Folsom.)

March 17, 1962—Gov. John Patterson purchased the first Easter Seals today. Sales in Morgan County will be handled by the local Crippled Children’s Society.

March 17, 1962—Two men have died as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide fumes in a 1955 Ford auto that ran into a ditch on Morgan County Road 40. One of the men was from Falkville but recently had been living in Michigan. The other was a Decatur resident.

March 19, 1962—Some classes resumed on the Priceville High campus today for the first time since a major fire early this month. Unfortunately for the students, a few of the classes were having to be held in cramped buses parked in the school parking lot.

March 19, 1962—Gubernatorial candidate Bull Connor of Birmingham was injured in an auto accident today as he headed to a campaign appearance in Ashland. (The severity of his injuries forced him to drop out of the race.)

March 19, 1962—Bill Slaten, 57, died at his home here today. In addition to the widow, Mrs. Ruby Slaten, he is survived by seven daughters, five sons, and many other relatives.

March 20, 1962—Mr. and Mrs. Jim Whitten of Falkville are enjoying their new baby son, Joe. Joe was born a little over two weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hayes, who moved here from Falkville recently, also have a new baby boy, who is named after his dad.

March 20, 1962—Danville 4-H Club members heard assistant county agent Joe Bob Stephenson talk about how to safely operate their dads’ lawnmowers at their regular meeting.

March 20, 1962—In Hollywood news, it was reported that Princess Grace would temporarily leave her husband, Prince Rainer, in Monaco to make one more movie before finally quitting the film business. The production is “Marnie” and will be directed by Alfred Hitchcock.