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Police pursuit ends in head-on collision

A head-on collision knocked a Hartselle police patrol car out of commission and sent the driver of the other vehicle to the hospital for a mental evaluation in a late night incident Tues., Feb. 28.

Lucas Hogan’s 2008 model police patrol car was struck head-on by another car driven by Denise Sharpley, 38, of 915 Bethel Street, Hartselle, on Parker Road at approximately 10:45 p.m. He had responded as back up to another police officer when his car was hit. No charges were made against Sharpley but she was admitted to a local hospital for a mental evaluation, according to Capt. Tom Sparks, chief of Hartselle Police Department’s Investigation Division.

Sparks said the incident was triggered by a trouble call to the Southside neighborhood and escalated when Sharpley failed to stop for an officer who was in pursuit at a slow rate of speed on McClanahan Street and Parker Road.

“She was moving at a slow rate of speed and was obeying traffic signs but failed to stop even though the officer had his car’s flashing lights and siren on,” Sparks pointed out. “After the second officer arrived on the scene. she ran her car straight at him. Had he not been wearing a seat belt he could’ve suffered serious injuries.”

The wrecked patrol car sustained heavy damage to its front end and remained parked at the police department Monday, awaiting a decision on its status from the city’s insurance carrier.