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BHS welcomes new football coach

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. We actually got a little winter weather over last weekend.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Wilda McCutcheon. A huge party was given in her honor at Journey Church in Eva on Feb. 12.

Her sister Sue Wolfe of Panama City, Fla. was among those attending. Pastor Jacob Daugette and wife Ashley also attended. We wish her many more happy birthdays.

A Valentine banquet was held at Somerville Assembly on Feb. 10. Lots of food, fellowship and fun were enjoyed by all who attended.

The monthly women’s meeting was held at Somerville Assembly on Sat., Feb. 10.


Audrey Duddley, Paula and Jayla Daugette dined at the Longhorn Restaurant last Tuesday night.

A big hello goes out to Mary Kipple, Frank and Martha Gravatt, Colleen Moore Gertrude Wray, J.D. and Sally Williams and all Somerville News readers.

A warm welcome goes out to the new thrift store that opened recently at the intersection of Highways 36 and 67.

A very special birthday wish and much love go out to Draton Fowler on Sunday. Draton was born and raised in Somerville but now resides in Illinois with his wife Sara and daughter Amber.

Jacob, Ashley and Vickey Daugette dined out at Bob Gibson’s in Decatur recently.

Brewer High School welcomes a new football coach. He is Dan Styles who previously coached at Hartselle High School. He comes from a long line of coaches, including his dad, Doug Styles. Brewer is fortunate to have him come in as the new head coach.

We are looking forwards to a winning season in 2012.

The Brewer baseball team made it back safely from Florida on Feb. 11. They had a great time but everyone was tired from the rigid workouts. Their first game was on Feb. 20 at Elkmont. Good luck, guys.

Prayers go out for Donna Orr who underwent knee surgery on Feb. 8.

Prayers also go out for J.D. Williams, Nancy Styles, Sally Williams, and Tony Drinkard, Brewer baseball coach, who is recuperating from a broken ankle.

Have a blessed week, Call me with your news items at 256-621-0291.