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Empty Nest Year 1

My wife, Lynn, and I have reached the stage in our lives that some refer to as the empty nest. I suppose this is taken from our bird friends along the time the last baby bird leaves the nest.

In fact I seem to recall that many times mama bird actually strongly suggests when it is time to fly away. Strongly suggests probably meaning kicking the poor little bird out and letting him spread his wings and fly away.

Well we did not kick Jacob our last one out. He willingly left to join his brother Jordan on the “Loveliest Village on the Plains” to continue his education.

But back to the empty nest, we seem to have adjusted pretty well. Now, the good side of less laundry to do, not worrying what time they will be home, not feeling guilty if you have to work late or have a meeting to attend, or if you do not want to cook comes to mind pretty fast.

In fact no guilt is there if you decide to have popcorn for dinner. As much as we enjoyed the many sporting events we attended over the years, it’s nice to know that you can listen to the football game on the radio if it is too cold on a Friday night.

In addition to that, one thing that I would put at the top of the list is not having to do fundraising for school.

As a couple, you are also able to spend more time together and sometimes just simply do nothing.

Still a phone call, text, or email is not the same as seeing your son or daughter in person. You really look forward to their visits home or going to visit them. You still feel a tug at your heart when it is time to say “so long” again.

Usually after the boys leave to go back to school or we return home, I go upstairs to their space and look around and remind myself how blessed we are that God placed those two lives in our hands.

We are proud of our boys and they young men they have grown into and knowing they are where they need to be in this time in their lives makes the empty nest easier.

We did not kick them out of the nest. We’re just supporting their decision to spread their wings and fly out into their place in the world.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.