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Hartselle City Council work session – Sept. 26

1.     Architects presentation for new swimming pool complex:

7:00            Fuqua & Partners Architects, PC

7:30            Godwin Barnett (GBW Architects, PC)

8:00            Davis Architects

2.     Resolution 11-0927 –  Authorize reimbursement from bond proceeds

3.     Resolution 11-0927A – Adoption of final ACE Strategic Plan for Hartselle

4.     Request for parade permit from Hartselle First United Methodist Church

5.     Request for parade permit (use of parking lot) from Greg McCaig

6.     Request to declare pool and related items surplus

7.     Request to approval Fire Hydrant Maintenance Contract with Hartselle Utilities

8.     Request to issue sales tax refunds

9.     Request to adjustment 2011-2012 budget due to increase in life insurance premiums

10.  Budget Adjustments Request – all departments – 2010-2011 year end