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Journey Church hosting community Mega Fest

Oden Ridge News

Well, once again we are going to the polls to vote. Can I tell you I’m confused? I hope I’m the only one but I don’t think so.
We hear a candidate give a speech about what they will do and also what the other fellow has done wrong.
If we listened to all this we would not have one honest person to vote for. We may not have!
The right thing we should have been doing was reading and researching to find out the truth.
I know our country is in trouble and we need to pray and do our part to straighten it out. It will have to start with us, then our local government, all the way to our national leaders.
It’s good to know that Alabama is one of the lowest in unemployment. There are still people I know without jobs that are struggling to get by.
Our family held our reunion Oct. 16. We call our family Jewel’s Jems, so we were Jems for a day. We had a very good time at Huskey Park. There was good food and lots of kinfolks.
My sisters, Jeri Jarrett and Sue Shrum and husband Gary were there from Michigan. There were nieces and nephews from all over, too. Also, one brother, Robert Drinkard and wife, Hazel, were there. We were especially glad to see Kim, a niece, and her husband, Rixhard Watkins, from Rockford, Ill. and nephew Bert Hopp and his wife, Karen, from Michigan.
On Sunday, everyone met at the home of my son David Simmons and wife Cindie in Moulton for a big party. They cooked a big wash pot of Brunswick stew. Everyone else brought other food and desserts.
We celebrated my husband Al’s birthday, too.
On Tuesday, we helped Peggy Sierra celebrate her birthday. Tommy Shelton also had a birthday Oct. 20.
Falkville is having its fall festival on Saturday. Everyone is welcome.
A new restaurant has opened in the old Velma’s building. They will have music Friday and Saturday nights. Also, they are planning on having gospel music on Sunday afternoons. Last Saturday night, Tina Shelton’s band played there.
We were sorry to hear Hubert Oden fell and fractured his foot. He is having to take it easy for a while.
Journey Church is hosting its Mega Fest on Saturday night.
There will also be free food, rides, games and a hay ride. Everyone is invited.
Lawrence Cove held its fall festival last Saturday. Everyone had lots of fun. They are also having a trunk or treat Sunday afternoon.
Lawrence Cove is also showing Christian movies Saturday afternoons at 2 p.m. All are invited.
Louie and Sue Shelton had a small fire last week. Their dishwasher shorted out. The fire department had to put it out. They had some repairing to do.
Last Friday, Tommy and Cookie Shelton and Cookie’s mother ate swamp John’s stew at Vinemont School. The event was sponsored by the band to raise money.
We were sorry to hear Ms. Pearl Bennett of Eva passed away last week. Remember her family in prayer.
A shower was given on Saturday for Amber Banker who is Annette Newman’s daughter. She is having a boy.
The shower was held in the fellowship hall of Eva Baptist Church.