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Busines park identified for data center

The new Morgan Center Business Park in Hartselle is in a prime position to land a data center project, such as a manufacturer that makes components for internet search engine companies, financial transaction processors or other high-tech industries.
The economic development study was conducted by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Hartselle location was one of more than 50 sites across the TVA-service area. Of those surveyed, 12 were identified as ready-for-development sites. Evaluations were based on accessibility, telecommunications infrastructure and availability of electric power. “Demand for data centers is growing as increased use of electronic commerce and information technologies requires more data storage space,” said John Bradley, senior vice president for TVA Economic Development. “There are exceptional opportunities for regional growth potential in this industry. This site has the resources, infrastructure, and other qualities needed to support strong data center development.”
The 12 sites are considered ready for development and meet necessary requirements to support a major data center project. TVA is partnering with Joe Wheeler EMC, regional, state and community economic development leaders to begin marketing these sites as part of its economic development region’s data center project recruitment initiative.
“We are excited to be named a Certified Data Center Site,” said Jeremy Nails, president of Morgan County Economic Development Association.  “ We are working hard every day to develop our infrastructure and diversify the companies and jobs we recruit to Morgan County. This designation will make our site more attractive to high-tech companies and help distinguish us from other sites as we market the Morgan Center Business Park to prospects in the future.
The Hartselle location was one of only two in Alabama. The other one was in Guntersville and with the remainder in Tennessee, Virginia and Mississippi.