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e-sound off for the week of October 21, 2010

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Sounding off on alcohol sales
“Please let me know what jobs will be created (by alcohol sales)? Is Hartselle big enough to attract restuarants and other businesses that sell alcohol? If so, please name them.
Do you have statistics that prove alcohol related accidents and crimes will go down? By the way, I think you can find them, so look hard. However, I have statistics that prove the opposite.
It has been stated that over $400,000 dollars can be raised from the sell of alcohol. How was this figure calculated? Is this $400,000 gross profit or net profit? Has there been a study to prove that Hartselle law enforcement can enforce all the ordinaces? I have heard we will have to hire some new officers to enforce the new ordinances. This will cut into the $400,000 surplus.”

“OK, let’s stick to the issues. One of the issues is this scare tactic approach from “some” of these sanctimonious people on the “possibilities” of things to come in the future.
Fact: going wet will create jobs.
Fact: going wet will add much needed tax revenue
Fact: going wet will give the city additional incentives to offer potential businesses and industries
Fact: allowing a community to have legalzed alcohol sales, lowers alcohol related accidents and incidents. Only in a very few rare instances where laws aren’t enforced, is this not the norm.
Fact: Hartselle police officers and other city personnel are fully capable of enforcing the ordinance.”
“For those who vote no on this referendum, you are saying no to jobs, businesses, and progress, and not pointing out any other means to provide what the legalized alcohol sales would do. Your first defense was safety, and that has been debunked by news story after news story, from not one, but two different papers. Now, it’s a moral issue. Nobody will force you to patronize any business that chooses to sell alcohol. Nobody would condemn you for doing the same. But, unsconsciously, you are already supporting several corporations that make a huge profit that sells alcohol.”

“Vote yes! For more crime… I mean more buisness. Vote yes! For more deaths.. I mean more progress… Vote yes! For more taxes… I mean better economy.”

“Are those who are voting no” on liquor sales going to turn down the taxes from the sale of it?”

“Alcohol doesn’t prevent vacant store fronts. Have you driven through Decatur lately? How many new restaurants do you think are coming to Hartselle just because of alcohol sales? Hartselle can’t support but a few. Decatur has been wet for years and is five times the size and they only have a handful of good restaurants. Divide that by five and you “may” get one new restaurant. You state that you haven’t been to church since your teens, but yet you take a swipe at a church you have never been to. So who is spewing hypocrisy? That would be you.”

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