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Group forms to fight Priceville alcohol

Opponents of legalizing the sale of alcoholic beverage in the town of Priceville formally organized under the name of the “Priceville Committee for Positive Family Values” on Monday night.
“We believe the sale of alcohol is a step in the wrong direction that will lead to a decline in the moral climate of a community, and that any advantages promoted by liquor proponents is overstated and not worth the true cost,” said Rev. James R. Henderson, chairman.
Both Priceville and Hartselle voters will have the opportunity to decide whether they favor or oppose the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages within their corporate limits in Municipal Option Elections Nov. 2.
“The committee is asking the people of Priceville to preserve the positive values of their community by saying “no” to alcohol sales,” Henderson said. “In order to reach our goal we’re asking them to get involved in calling, visiting and emailing their friends and neighbors to explain the urgency of the situation and ask them to support positive family values by registering to vote, and getting the vote out to defeat the liquor referendum.
The committee listed eight reasons why they oppose legal liquor sales:
• After Decatur legalized alcohol, its violent crime rate doubled from 1985 to 1990.
• Decatur’s property crimes increased 50 percent from 1985 to 1990.
• Legalizing alcohol leads to bars, drugs, strip clubs, violence, alcohol related traffic deaths and DUI arrests.
• Liquor tax revenues will not benefit Priceville schools because the schools  are not under town government, but  are operated and funded by the county and state.
• Alcohol sales would be too close to the middle school and the high school, Veteran’s Park ball fields and North Park.
• Alcohol sales will put an additional burden on law enforcement resources.
• Projects alcohol tax revenue is much exaggerated.
• Putting the community stamp of approval on alcohol sales is not a positive influence.