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e-sound off for the week of September 30, 2010

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Sounding off on alcohol sales
“Seems like we can tell whose side the Hartselle Enquirer is on. Unless the HE provides the other side of the story, I am not buying the paper nor anything from the advertisers.”

“There is no shortage of alcohol in Hartselle, nor is the city a better place because it is dry. We are simply letting Decatur collect taxes that should stay in Hartselle. Why? So a few preachers can make a show of battling “sin”. Is anyone else tired of the hypocrisy?”

“Maybe you should look at crime in Athens for 2004, 2005, 2006, etc… increase in crime. It is easy to twist numbers to make it look the way you want it to.”

“I love the statement, “Arab’s other crime statistics remained virtually unchanged, too”. Really? Let’s take a look at it: Homicide 100 percent increase; Rape 100 percent increase; Motor Vehicle Theft 8 percent increase; Larceny 1 percent increase. There was actually only 1 less assault in 2009. Don’t believe me, look it up on the Alabama Criminal Justice website. Pretty pathetic reporting if you ask me.”

“Better schools… what a joke. Does Decatur have better schools than Hartselle. No. The same thing they promised for Decatur years and years ago and people still believe it.”

“I am so tired of people talking about quality restaurants coming to Hartselle. Decatur is 15 minutes away, so if you have to have one of these chain restaurants, I don’t understand that being a focus. I’ve never eaten at a Cracker Barrel that wasn’t full, and I appreciate the stand they’ve taken to not serve alcohol. A local restaurant here in Hartselle whined the entire time they were open about how alcohol sales were costing them business. They were going to teach Hartselle when they closed up shop and relocated to the newly wet Athens. How long did it take them to shut down in Athens? They were open here much longer than Athens. Alcohol didn’t help them one bit, and it will not help Hartselle either. It will destroy our great city. Why do these people keep trying to bring alcohol here. Why don’t you just move to whereever you think it is so great and profitable and you can eat at a nice restaurant there.”

“Safety is a big issue with alcohol. Like it or not. People will abuse it. I have lived with one who did. If voting no will make it hard for people to get alcohol, I will vote no. No money or tax revenue is worth what I went through as a child! It is not worth what my kid will see and hear if alcohol sales are voted in Hartselle by people who will abuse it. Let those who want to choose to drink go to Decatur and bring it back. I know it requires effort and time, but it also requires them to be more responsible for drinking it in the city of Hartselle. If voting no may help some kid miss the experiences of what I went through, I will vote no, no, no every time!”

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