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Municipal workers get raises

Hartselle city employees are receiving a 1.3 percent cost of living adjustment, the first such increase in two years.
The increase will cost the city $70,000 a year and is part of a projected $10 million budget. The budget shows revenue and expenses being almost even, with revenue of $10,007,204 and expenses of $10,006,575.
The COLA helps bring city employees up to the levels suggested in a 2007 payroll study in order to keep up with the consumer price index. The CPI – or the changes in price level on consumer goods – has increased 7 percent since the study, compared to 6 percent in COLA increases for city employees.
Elected officials are not included in any COLA or merit raises.
Other city budget highlights are:
• The city won’t be sending $54,463 to the school system, a payment its made for almost a decade. The city is assuming more costs associated with the construction of a new high school and school leaders didn’t budget for the additional $54,463. The money will go back into the city’s general fund.
• $12,000 has been budgeted for expenses related to the November general election. Also on the ballot will be a referendum dealing with changing to an elected school board and possibly, one on legalized alcohol sales.
• Outside agencies, such as Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce, Terrell Industries, Community Action, Community Free Clinic, Volunteer Center, Morgan County Child Advocacy Center and Hospice of the Valley will receive level funding.