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e-sound off for the week of September 16, 2010

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Sounding off on alcohol sales
“Most studies show that moderate drinking is healthier than not drinking, so intelligent people do not fear moderate drinking. A glass of wine with a meal is not going to ruin our town. Problem drinkers still drive 5-10 miles and buy bottles whether they pay into Hartselle’s tax base or not.”

“Can you not get it through your head that having a drink does not make one an alcoholic? Having a drink does not make one intoxicated either.”

“A lot of the people who drink in Hartselle will still continue to go to Decatur to buy, because they don’t want anyone to know they drink… so the chances of “running into” fellow church members would be less likely in Decatur than in their own town.”

‘You may be right. And just think of all the Decatur church-goers who may start making their alcohol purchases in Hartselle to avoid their congregations.”

“Personally, I think Hartselle is doing just fine withouth the extra sales of alcohol. I choose not to partake of alcohol but even so, why let the devil get that much closer to me? Why let that little voice of temptation become clearer when it’s on the shelf at Exxon? The choices I make as well as anybody are always cluttered by that little voice that says…”come on…it won’t hurt! You’ll have fun and enjoy it.” I have a great deal of self-control but who is to say that I may choose wrong one time? Just go to the bottom of the hill and get it. People say,  “it will bring in new restaurants and stores and money”  but I ask for what? For whom? And at what risk? Morally, I will vote against it…business wise…I will vote against it as well.”

“I understand that this issue is a hot topic. It draws out a lot of our emotions. I firmly believe it is a moral issue, and I will vote no just for that reason. However, the economic issue is a concern to me. I have lived in towns that were wet. The money that was raised from alcohol sales did not go to make improves on the school system, roads, and parks. What the money was spent on was more law enforecement and other problems caused by the abuse of alcohol. Before considering what to do with all the money we will receive, examine the net profit. Will becoming a wet city be worth the net profit?”

“Another thing that really upsets me is everyone talking about all the drinking church members? Where are all these drinking church members? I go to church, and I cannot find them? Please let us know who they are?”

Sounding off on handicapped parking
“I had surgery recently and I’ve been on crutches for six weeks. It’s all I can do to get into the store to get a scooter so I can shop. I do get frustrated when I drive around to find a handicapped space, none are available, and someone is sitting in a handicapped space, waiting on someone to come out of the store that is shopping. If you aren’t using the space so you can park and shop, please move. If you plan on waiting in the car for someone who is handicapped to come out, you can park elsewhere and then drive up to the front door to pick them up. Thank you in advance.”

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