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e-sound off for the week of September 9, 2010

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Sounding off on changes at Hartselle Medical Center
“I sure hope this is a good decision for all. And hope too many changes will not take place. Both hospitals are very good hospitals. And Hartselle needs to have a Excellent place to go if needed. Parkway has a excellent ranking and hope this will continue in the future. And maybe Hartselle’s hospital can be put on a higher standing with these changes. As the people in Hartselle sure want to have an excellent hospital nearby to go for their emergencies as well. Not to have to go to Huntsville or Birmingham if more services are needed.”

Sounding off on alcohol sales
“Reading recent post on alcohol sales have caused me to think about things. Alcohol sales will increase violence, DUIs and many more problems here in our fair city. Are these fears to be taken with a grain of salt or something to be heeded. I have a questions for the Citizens for a Safe Hartselle. What is next on the agenda? Tobacco? Look at the number of deaths each year because of tobacco use. What will be the next on your agenda? Are we as individuals not allowed to live our lives as we decide? Alcohol sales will give a boost to Hartselle’s tax base. It might be a good thing.”

“Comparing alcohol to tobacco is utterly ridiculous. I could write a book on the differences, but that would be a waste of time. Most rational people can see there is no comparison. Tobacco may be bad for your health, but it does not have the impact on a city that legalized alcohol sales does. Tobacco is already legal, but we do not have to add to our problems with alcohol. Nice try, but the people of Hartselle are much more intelligent.”

“Most studies show that moderate drinking is healthier than not drinking, so intelligent people do not fear moderate drinking. A glass of wine with a meal is not going to ruin our town. Problem drinkers still drive 5-10 miles and buy bottles whether they pay into Hartselle’s tax base or not.”

“With the close proximity of our fine city to the bottom of the hill, for all intents and purposes, Hartselle is “wet”. If you can not see this, it is time to look around and take your head out of the sand. It has been wet for a long time. A wet/dry vote is an economic issue that is being portrayed as a moral one. The immorality and damage of excess drinking as well as any other sins of excess (smoking, drugs, overeating, sex, gossip, lust, greed, gambling) is obvious. Any behavior that harms or defiles God’s temple (our bodies) is Biblically a moral issue. How we conduct ourselves, and allow excesses to control us, is the moral issue.”

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