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e-sound off for the week of September 2, 2010

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Sounding off on Uncle Herschel Way name
“Road name sound good. So very happy to hear Harselle is getting a Cracker Barrel. It should be so good for this area. It will bring more travelers into Hartselle and will bring in more business I guess to some small business which would be good also. Good luck to Cracker Barrel and so very happy to hear you will be here.”

Sounding off on wet/dry vote
“Once again, alcohol consumption is not the same as abuse. Not all people that consume alcohol are alcoholics. Why must people always act like anyone who consumes alcohol is an alcoholic?”

“While I’m new to the area, I’ve been to several Hartselle restaurants. Great food and great service. But, I certainly would have liked a glass of wine with my steak or pasta. Nope, I have to drive to Decatur for that, and Madison/Huntsville for a good selection. (same for purchasing a bottle for dinner at home). I’d much rather have the choice of beverage locally. Maybe the do-gooder, anti-alcohol types will go after other unhealthy things next. Shut down the fat and calorie laden fast food joints. Let’s also ban corn syrup sweetened beverages from sale too, as the corn syrup is a significant factor in obesity and diabetes.”

“Most of us moved here to live in a special Southern town. We all moved here when our city was dry. Let’s all vote to keep it special and not be uninformed about the pipe dreams of a wet city is a wealthy city. Those who educate themselves on this find out it is never the way the devil promises. I have heard high school kids saying they will change our city when they get to be 18 and are able to vote. To the more mature I plead, let’s educate ourselves and vote. In reality, those who want to be able to drink will leave and go drink. Let us lead our young, stepping in the gap, to shoot down one more stumbling block in the way of the ones we love. Let’s vote and remain the exceptional city, our forefathers handed down to us.”
“When my ancestors settled farmland in the Hartselle area, it was almost a century before prohibition. Of course, we have now been excluded from Hartselle, and our kids cannot attend the schools in the town our forefathers helped build. So you newcomers have our schools for your children and you get to decide the wet/dry issue. But don’t delude yourself that Hartselle was always dry. All the states became dry during prohition, but most states and counties reverted back to having alcohol sales after prohibition ended.”

Way to go Tigers!
“Hartselle football team looked great in its win over Athens 38-13. The atmosphere was great with the students, cheerleaders, band, fans, and a great team and coaches. Go Tigers!”

Great seats but need more room
“The new seats at JP Cain Stadium look great, but the same problem is still there. It doesn’t matter how many seats we add if you don’t have any leg room. Your knees are almost if not alredy touching the person in front of you. This problem is even worse when the weather gets cold and you have extra clothes on and blankets. Everybody has to stand up to let you get by if you need to go to the concession stand or restroom. They should have pulled out all the seats and made them higher so we would have some leg room.

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