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e-sound off for the week of August 26, 2010

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Sounding off on alcohol sales in Hartselle
“Why does our newspaper seem to favor the sale of alcohol? Why not interview some AA members who can tell the damage of alcohol? why not do some articles with parents/families who can tell of broken lies as a result of alcohol and drug abuse. There are plenty of them even in a dry community. The news is that a majority knows the damage and danger of alcohol and drug abuse that tax money cannot solve. Those around us who have legalized alcohol have more problems with their schools, more crimes etc, We have a safe and growing community without selling alcohol. I encourage all my friends to oppose alcohol sales.”

“Hartselle has pondered this idea for years and only made one attempt to get it. Now they have another. I understand both sides wishes on this and there is only one way to settle this matter. Alcohol may or may not be approved within the city of Hartselle but one thing is for sure, education on the dangers of drinking must come from the home. If the citizens of our fair city only knew how many of their sons and daughters are going down to buy it at the foot of Hartselle Mountain while they try to soothe themselves into thinking they raised them better or hoping somehow luck will protect them. Think about it. We as parents can only do so much in the protection of our kids, the good and bad decisions still will be made by them.”

“I feel that the liquor bill should be passed. After all look at all the people from Hartselle who go and eat at places in Decatur to drink. We need this money ourselves to do things to improve Hartselle and this is one way to do it. Give back to Hartselle people not some other area getting the benefits of the money, let Hartselle get it for our own needs.”

“I would like to say that Hartselle has been giving away the liquor sales revenues for years. If Hartselle gets alcohol sales passed, it can lead to greater amounts of money being put into the schools, can open up Hartselle for new businesses, and allow for more potential of growth. Its a no brainer. And by the way, you can be a Christian and still believe in allowing alcohol sales. Just because it is legal to sell alcohol in a community does not mean everyone in the community are drunks and will abuse it.”

Chairs needed at junior high
“I am new to Alabama and I haven’t seen the high school; however, the middle school is certainly not only overcrowded but in tremendous need of new desks and chairs. We came out of new school buildings and I was OK with that but the children having to sit in those chairs and desks that they used when the school opened is beyond ridiculous. Have they ever been replaced? You would think with the money coming in from non-residents we could buy chairs and desks or at minimum have a fundraiser for them.”

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